Imagine a world where we understand each other.

The personality education material found here is in alignment with the Jungian Mental Mechanisms, the Keirsey Temperaments, and the Personality Lingo system.

The mission of Personality Academy is to provide free resources for teachers to take their students beyond personality identification enhancing communication and reducing stress in their daily lives.


  • View life circumstances from more than one perspective.
  • Clear up some of the most commonly encountered misunderstandings.

Personality education enables a child and an adult to understand each other even when they do not see things the same way.

Teachers and Parents

  • Form more realistic expectations of your teen student’s behavior and discover new ways to work with thier personality strengths, instead of against them.
  • Gain a greater understanding of how your natural perspectives, needs, values, and motivations may be similar to – or different from theirs.