Personality Styles

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Understanding the Personality Styles


Observable human qualities can be classified into four categories to arrive at the four basic personality styles.

A mixture of the four basic personality styles in different amounts creates a unique composition for an individual.

This mixture starts with an inborn disposition yet changes over time as a person interacts with their environment.

Each of the four basic personality styles has driving needs and values that energize behavior.

History of the Four Personality Styles


David Keirsey (1921 – 2013), brought the ancient medical framework of four fundamental temperaments back into the mainstream. After 20 years working in public schools as a school psychologist, Keirsey used his knowledge of Jung’s dichotomies and Isabel Myers’ letter-code designations to associate human behavior with four fundamental temperaments and sixteen role variants. In his 1978 book “Please Understand Me”, his focus was on describing observable behavior rather than speculation about the underlying mental processes.

Artisan – Dionysian (SP)
Idealist – Apollonian (NF)
Rational – Promethean (NT)
Guardian – Epimethean (SJ)

The descriptor terms Mover, Connector, Thinker, and Planner are used with permission from Personality Lingo.

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