Each of the four color personality styles exhibits an inclination towards, as well as an aversion away from, certain aspects of life’s experiences.

Life’s experiences can have a positive or negative effect on our vital energy. When your vital energy is high, you feel alert, invigorated, and present. When it’s low, you feel tired, unmotivated, or “stuck”.

Energy comes in many forms. “Vital Energy” is the power available for humans to live and grow (a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual energy.) More Definitions

Personality Academy Personality Styles

Imagine a container for storing your vital energy

  • This reservoir fills up when you perform energy-producing activities.
  • It drains when you perform energy-consuming activities.

four color personality styles vital energy

Mover Personality Style

Energy Consumers

  • Feeling trapped
  • Nothing to show
  • Hesitancy

Mover Personality Style

Energy Producers

  • Physical activity
  • Tangible results
  • Follow impulses

We all know the feeling of “running on empty” – the smallest issue can seem massive. Whenever your response seems out of proportion to the problem at hand, it is time to take an inventory of the vital energy producers and consumers in your life. Instead of simply avoiding the things that drain you, try adding some energy-producing activities to your life. You will be surprised by how adding a short duration of a positive energy-producing activity can charge you up and make energy-consuming activities feel so much less draining.