Jungian Personality Quiz by Personality Academy

Take the Jungian personality styles quiz for teens

Free Online Personality Quiz
Twenty situational-based questions guide you through an exploration of Carl Jung’s psychological type theory to see if you have any clear preferences.
Proceed quickly and avoid overthinking each response. It is highly probable that you can think of circumstances where you exhibit each of the observable qualities presented in the personality quiz.
Ideally (eventually) you will select the response that best describes your natural tendency but it takes time to understand what this is. Often, we are more aware of the learned behaviors that we have gotten good at or the traits and values we find desirable. If this is your first time taking this quiz, relax and know that your results might change after you experience life from this new perspective.

Printable Jungian Personality Quiz for Teens

Free Printable Personality Quiz
This printable Jungian personality quiz for teens is free for academic use with students 13 years or older.
Use it in your classroom to teach students about the Jungian dichotomies.