Making Decisions


describes a decision-making mode that is based on logic and impersonal facts.

Someone who favors making decisions objectively may find it difficult to refrain from pointing out flaws in a movie. They tend to debate and defend a point of view. They are able to detach from their emotions to make decisions and seek clarity. Their preferred approach is objective, direct, and logical.


describes a decision-making mode that is based on values and personal impact.

Someone who favors making decisions subjectively is more likely to look past flaws in a movie. They tend to sympathize with and accept other people’s opinions. They consider the quality of their feelings in making decisions and seek harmony. Their preferred approach is subjective, tactful, and appreciative.

General Orientation

Extraversion/ Introversion

Psychological Type Preference - Extraversion and Introversion

Modes of Operation

Planned/ Spontaneous

Psychological Type Preference - Planned and Spontaneous

Information Gathering

Hands-On/ Theoretical

Psychological Type Preference - Hands-On and Theoretical

Making Decisions

Objective/ Subjective

Psychological Type Preference - Objective and Subjective

These Jungian Mental Mechanisms can be thought of as the building blocks for the Four Basic Personality Styles.

four basic personality styles