Four Fundamental Personality Styles

Style: the way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed.
A style can be identified by a pattern of behavior or trait grouping. The four personality styles presented here are simply a way of grouping character traits and internal values into meaningful patterns.


Mover Personality Style
mode of operation


Connector Personality Style


Thinker Personality Style


Planner Personality Style
mode of operation

Your personality is made up of all four styles in different amounts.

Some individuals identify strongly with their most dominant personality style and like to be referred to by their Top Style, i.e. Sally is a Planner. Others feel they have equal access to all four personality patterns.
Mover's Core Value is FREEDOM
The Mover personality style is courageous, exploratory, and playful. They seek action and adventure. They are compelled to keep options open. Movers are good at thinking on their feet. They change course swiftly as situations demand and aren’t likely to let bumps in the road slow them down.
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Connector's Core Value is RELATIONSHIP
The Connector personality style is considerate, cooperative, and encouraging. They are nourished by harmony and personal connection. They are guided by intuition and quality of emotions. Connectors are good at recognizing strengths in others and getting consensus. They place a high value on personal growth.
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Thinker's Core Value is COMPETENCY
The Thinker personality style is curious, logical, and self-sufficient. They are fascinated by mysteries and finding solutions. They are guided by logical reasoning and inferences. Thinkers explore all aspects of an issue and can’t help but suggest new ways of doing things. They can be fiercely independent and value their privacy.
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Planner's Core Value is RESPONSIBILITY
The Planner personality style is organized, prepared, and dependable. They uphold order and fairness. They are compelled to gain a sense of closure. Planners have a strong sense of “right” and “wrong” which acts as a moral compass to guide them throughout life. They crave consistency and things in their place.

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