About Personality Academy

Personality Academy is dedicated to helping students, parents, and teachers communicate more effectively. It provides an essential vocabulary that helps you comprehend and discus the way you see the world and how you interact with others. 

The compulsion to “grasp for pleasure and avoid pain” is strong in all of us from a very young age. The goal of Social Emotional Learning is to overcome these compulsions to develop self-knowledge, self-restraint, and compassion for others.

Personality Academy offers a practical study of human behavior with powerful techniques for acquiring self-knowledge. It promotes an attitude of curiosity towards understanding others.  

Emotional Intelligence is the capability of individuals to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior to achieve success in life. Emotional literacy is not fixed at birth, it can be developed over time.
The first step is identifying and labeling one’s own emotions.

Emotional Intelligence and Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

With practice, one’s ability to discriminate between different emotions will improve. Then comes a greater awareness of one’s own and other people’s emotions as circumstances unfold. Ultimately, one’s aptitude for self-regulation of emotions naturally improves.

Emotional Intelligence is a combination of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Intelligences as defined by Howard Gardner in his Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Personality Education provides an awareness of the needs and values of ourselves and others.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Compassionate Communication is a process for working through the conflict that arises when two individuals have contrasting strategies for having their own needs and values met.

Compassionate Communication and Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Combining elements from Compassionate Communication and Personality Education provides a powerful avenue for reframing perspectives, opening up lines of communication, and increasing emotional intelligence.

Personality Education is the key to a successful Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum!

Personality Education is the key to a successful social emotional learning program

Successful cooperative grouping fosters positive interdependence but also incorporates a sense of individual accountability and that’s something that can be gained when we allow students to self-assess and share and communicate their preferences, powers, and their purpose.

– Sabrina Sterling

Carl Jung's Mental Mechanisms and Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Short Course on the History of the Personality Styles

with permission from Personality Lingo

The personality style descriptor terms Mover, Connector, Thinker, and Planner are used with permission from Personality Lingo.
Personality Lingo offers high quality personality training material which takes participants beyond the basics of personality identification with practical applications for appreciating differences, communicating more effectively, and navigating stress.
We highly recommend that all teachers and support staff receiving Basic Training in Personality Lingo or another system as the first step. Then, this is where Personality Academy comes into play to provide educators with additional tools they can use with students and parents.