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Promote an attitude of curiosity towards understanding human behavior in your school or classroom.

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Build a school atmosphere where students work together effectively by appreciating each individual’s unique contributions. Use these student handouts to explore what each personality style has to contribute. 

Personality Styles Handout

Personality Academy Personality Styles Handout

This Personality Styles Handout offers a concise description of each style. It provides core values, main traits, and a look at the direction where each style’s internal compass points them.
Learn more about the Personality Styles from Personality Lingo.
Communicating with the Styles Handout

Personality Academy Communication Styles Handout

This Communicating with the Styles Handout describes the communication approach for each style and offers tips for communicating with each style.
Learn more about the Communication Styles from Personality Lingo.
Recognizing and Reducing Stress for the Styles

Personality Academy Stress Styles Handout

This Recognizing and Reducing Stress for the Personality Styles Handout lists potential roadblocks and pathways to joy for each of the personality styles.
Learn more about the Stress Styles from Personality Lingo.
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