Personality Style Cards for Teens

These 4″ by 6″ full-color glossy cards offer a fun easy way for teens to try-on the different personality styles. Students can picture themselves in each of the scenes on the frontside of the cards to help them decide which personality styles feel more like them and which are less like them. The written personality style descriptions on the backside of the cards help them refine their distinctions.

Mover Personality Card

The Mover Personality Style is courageous, exploratory, and playful. They seek action and adventure. Movers are compelled to keep options open.

Connector Personality Card

The Connector Personality Style is considerate cooperative, and encouraging. They are nourished by harmony and personal connection. Connectors are guided by intuition and quality of emotions.  

Thinker Personality Card

The Thinker Personality Style is curious, innovative, and self-sufficient. They are fascinated by mysteries and finding solutions. Thinkers are guided by logical reasoning and inferences.

Planner Personality Card

The Planner Personality Style is organized, prepared, and dependable. They uphold order and fairness. Planners are compelled to gain a sense of closure.
The personality card sort activity is not a stand-alone activity. It is the first of many steps to helping students identify their personality style lineup. You may be familiar with the Personality Lingo 3-Step Personality Identification Method. Essentially, it involves (1) Pre-Step – use assessment, card sort activity, or simply read and rank handouts to capture initial impressions, (2) Storytelling Sort – the styles are portrayed in contextual situations either through character analysis of a movie, acting out a skit, or sharing personal stories, and (3) Social Sort – forming dominant style groups to dialogue and compare preferences and approaches to life. All three of these steps can be performed in one session to provide multiple opportunities for students to try-on the different personality styles. Even with all this, clarity of ones own personality style lineup commonly comes only after some time integrating the concepts into one’s life in the weeks following initial exposure to the concepts.
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