Personality Style Cards for Teens

These 4″ by 6″ full-color glossy cards offer a fun easy way for teens to try-on the different personality styles. Students can picture themselves in each of the scenes on the frontside of the cards to help them decide which personality styles feel more like them and which are less like them. The written personality style descriptions on the backside of the cards help them refine their distinctions.

Mover Personality Card

The Mover Personality Style is courageous, exploratory, and playful. They seek action and adventure. Movers are compelled to keep options open.

Connector Personality Card

The Connector Personality Style is considerate cooperative, and encouraging. They are nourished by harmony and personal connection. Connectors are guided by intuition and quality of emotions.  

Thinker Personality Card

The Thinker Personality Style is curious, innovative, and self-sufficient. They are fascinated by mysteries and finding solutions. Thinkers are guided by logical reasoning and inferences.

Planner Personality Card

The Planner Personality Style is organized, prepared, and dependable. They uphold order and fairness. Planners are compelled to gain a sense of closure.
These cards represent generalizations of stereotypical personality styles.

Tip! Go general instead of specific. 

Personality Card Sort Activity for teens
Each of us is a unique combination of all four styles in different amounts. It is unlikely that we will identify 100% with any one style.
As you consider the scenes, think about the overall feeling-tone that each scene provides you with and avoid ruling scenes out on specifics like “I don’t play basketball”.
The Mover card scenes represent hands-on skills, competition, fun, and multi-talented. This card brings out the Mover in each of us, excited to participate in physical activities.
The Connector card scenes represent compassion, friendship, harmony, and creativity. Looking at this card softens the heart of the Connector in each of us.
The Thinker card scenes represent curiosity, solving puzzles, taking a closer look at things, love of books, and intrigued by natures mysteries. This card resonates with the Thinker in each of us, analyzing the world with our minds.
The Planner card scenes represent neat and orderly, upholding a duty, earning merits, and willingness to represent others. The Planner in each of us tends to stand up a little straighter when looking at this card.
Feel your way into these scenes and read the descriptions on the back to decide which card is most like you. Then, consider which card is least like you. Once you have a good idea of the first and last styles in your lineup, move on to determining which styles come 2nd and 3rd in your personality style lineup.
You will develop greater certainty of the order of the styles in your lineup after some experience recognizing the personality patterns in yourself and others in the context of real-life situations. Come back to reassess your best fit personality style lineup a few weeks from now, after taking some time to integrate these personality concepts into your daily life.
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