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Clearing up Commonly Encountered Misunderstandings

quote Carl JungWhatever we look at, and however we look at it, we see only through our own eyes.
– Carl Jung

clearing up misunderstandings

Considering that we each have different values, perspectives, and ways of operating – it is easy to see how we could get the wrong impression of someone. Let’s clear things up!
Keeping in mind all you have learned about the styles, consider these common misunderstandings.

Mover Perspective

Mover personality style perspective
Movers may be misunderstood as being insensitive and unpredictable. When you understand Mover values and motivations you can see them as direct and good at thinking on their feet.
Movers may come across as pushy, loud, and rowdy when viewed by the other styles. Movers are courageous and confident. They value direct communication. They know what they want and speak up for themselves to get it. They have a knack for recognizing opportunities. They are able to quickly grasp what is going on around them and jump to action if needed. One of their strengths is utilizing resources that are already right here right now. They prefer to take each moment as it comes and have the confidence to know they can handle whatever life throws at them next.

Connector Perspective

Connector personality style perspective

Connectors may be misunderstood as being nosey and overly sensitive. When you understand Connector values and motivations you can see them as helpful and considerate.
Connectors may come across to the other styles as asking too many personal questions about other people’s business and sharing too many personal aspects of their own life with others. They genuinely care how others are doing. They place an extremely high importance on relationship-building. They are always looking for ways they can help cheer people up. The other styles may see Connectors as being too emotional at times. They do have a hard time receiving criticism. They put a lot of effort into being considerate and sensitive to the feelings of others. So, when someone is straightforward with any kind of disapproval, they get their feelings hurt more easily than the other styles. Connectors tend to look on the bright side of life. Even when things are looking gloomy, they can see the possibility for brighter days in the future.

Thinker Perspective

Thinker personality style perspective

Thinkers may be misunderstood as being critical and non-conformist. When you understand Thinker values and motivations you can see them as observant and independent-minded.
The other styles may see Thinkers as someone who looks for mistakes so they can point them out. The truth is that Thinkers are continually trying to make sense of the world around them. They value objectivity. When something is inconsistent or flawed, they say something so that it can be corrected. They don’t take things personally. Thinkers appreciate when someone provides feedback to them so that they can adjust and do something better the next time around. They are not likely to go with the flow if it doesn’t make sense to them. They will not proceed until they understand the reasons why they are doing something and are certain it is a sensible course of action.

Planner Perspective

Planner personality style perspective

Planners may be misunderstood as being bossy and close-minded. When you understand Planner values and motivations you can see them as decisive and consistent.
Planners have been gifted with a strong sense of “right” and “wrong”. They often cannot help but speak up about something they see as being inappropriate. Planners can be quick to tell others what they “should” be doing. Especially when the situation is familiar to them and might not be to others. They are offering you the benefit of their past experience. They may have tried different options in the past and know what works. Planners can come across as being inflexible to other options. Planners establish standard operating protocol for daily living. They insist on everything being orderly because they believe that it reduces stress and produces a consistent outcome.
Pull from everything you have learned in this course to consider the ways in which you may be misunderstood by others (of different styles). Take this opportunity to describe yourself in terms of your preferences and values. This will help you explain your point of view when a misunderstanding arises in the future. Complete the 3rd and 4th boxes on Worksheet 4.