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Don Lowry

Later in the 1970’s, Don Lowry simplified much of the complicated psychological language by assigning each temperament an easy to remember color.
Educator and playwright, Don Lowry studied under David Keirsey. He called his system True Colors and ingeniously introduced the four temperaments to the general public through interactive theater productions.

Don Lowry's True Colors

Don felt that color expressed a mood or feeling-tone which would make it easier to remember each style.
Orange: (SP) Positive, hands-on, entertaining
Blue: (NF) Spiritual, emotional, intuitive
Green: (NT) Inventive, analytical, determined
Gold: (SJ) Practical, dependable, consistent

The color orange urges you to wake up, pay attention, and seize the moment.

The color blue fosters psychological contentment and physical tranquility.
The color green is an expression of logic and the systems of nature.
The color gold represents value, stability, and strength – “good as gold” and “gold standard.”