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Get Curious Instead of Furious

1. Do you feel better equipped to discuss how you see the world and how you interact with others?
2. How do you believe that you will feel the next time that someone doesn’t see things your way?
3. When a misunderstanding arises, will you be able to explain your point of view?

Get Curious Instead of Furious

Now that you are familiar with the personality patterns, you will find yourself recognizing the motivations underlying the behaviors of yourself and others. This newfound awareness gives you added flexibility and choice. You’ll be surprised at how well you can see different points of view and are able to direct interactions towards a more positive outcome.
Notice Your Focus!

Notice Your Focus!

You’ve learned that we are driven to action based on our inner values and beliefs. It is important to realize that your beliefs about a situation are often a matter of perspective. We are in control of where we focus our attention! Typically, we look for the things we value and we notice when they are lacking. However, in most situations, when you pause to take a different perspective you can find qualities of the situation that truly are in alignment with your values.
Don’t be the bunny!

notice your focus

look for the positive

This final worksheet brings together all that you have learned about personality styles, values, motivations, and different perspectives.

It challenges you to notice your focus and deliberately choose the direction you want to go.


You’ve completed Lesson 2. You have now graduated from the Personality Academy and are better equipped to navigate life with less conflict and more energy.