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Personality Styles Most Misunderstood

Understanding Movers

PA Mover Personality Style

When their fun-loving freedom-seeking nature is misunderstood, Movers may be seen by others as impatient, self-centered, and unreliable.
Movers are motivated by starting fun new endeavors, anything boring or predetermined is not retained in their memory banks.
Movers emanate the feeling that something exciting is about to happen. This can bring an electricity to the air that others want to be around.
Movers feel most alive when they can follow their impulses to take action as they see fit in each moment. This requires being free from ties and obligations.
Above all, Movers must be free.

Understanding Connectors

PA Connector personality style icon

When their need to make meaningful contributions is misunderstood, Connectors may be seen by others as overly-generous, pushing comfort zones, and nosey.
Connectors have an unprecedented compassion and willingness to overextend themselves for others. Trouble can arise when they expect others to do the same.
Connectors tend to have moveable personal boundaries and can often benefit from gentle reminders of the personal boundaries of others.
Connectors desire to live a life of significance. In order for them to feel they have realized this goal; their contributions must be recognized by others.
Above all, Connectors must be appreciated.

Understanding Thinkers

PA Thinker personality style icon

When their exhaustive questioning is misunderstood, Thinkers may be seen by others as disrespectful, defiant, and critical.
Thinkers continuously ask “Why?” as a way to make sense of the world around them. They crave a mastery of understanding of all objects and events.
Thinkers strive for continual improvement. Combine this with their knack for pointing out flaws and inconsistencies and you have someone who cannot help but speak up when something seems off.
Thinkers hold themselves and others to extremely high standards. They strive to do things well. Ordinary performance is not good enough for them.

Above all, Thinkers must be competent.

Understanding Planners

Planner personality style icon

When their suggestions for what “should be” are misunderstood, Planners may be seen by others as rigid, overprotective, and bossy.
Planners have a serious nature and a strong innate sense of right and wrong. Acting with integrity, they tend to speak up for what they believe to be the “right” course of action.
Planners feel most alive when they are bound and obligated by duties and responsibilities. They cannot help but carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.
Planners desire to serve and earn their status in the ranks. They are most comfortable in a provider role and not on the receiving end.

Above all, Planners must be useful.

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