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Personality Academy

Personality Academy has built upon the mission of Personality Lingo to use everyday language to help you comprehend and discuss the way you see the world and how you interact with others.
Personality Academy terms to describe the Jungian Mental Mechanisms:
By modernizing the terms used to describe the mental mechanisms, Personality Academy aims to bring the powerful insights of Carl Jung’s psychological type theory to a wider audience. The goal is to help students, parents, and teachers communicate more effectively with each other.
General Orientation: Extraversion – Introversion
Extraverts tend to speak freely about whatever is on their mind. They develop their thoughts by talking through them with others. Extraverts gain energy from chatting with others.
Introverts are somewhat more territorial with their mental space and personal space. They need time to think and reflect before sharing their thoughts. Introverts gain energy from quiet time.
Modes of Operation: Planned – Spontaneous
Individuals who have a preference for operating in a planned manner find comfort in following routines and schedules. They have an innate drive to make decisions as soon as possible and bring things to closure.
Individuals who have a preference for operating in a spontaneous manner find schedules and routines restricting. They have an innate drive to keep options open. They crave variety and flexibility and may change their minds often.
Information Gathering: Hands-On – Theoretical
Individuals who prefer hands-on gathering of information focus on the present moment and proceed one step at a time. They appreciate clear objectives and tangible results.
Individuals who prefer theoretical gathering of information focus on future possibilities and pull from all directions at once to see the big picture. They appreciate opportunities to be creative and use their imagination.
Decision-Making: Objective- Subjective
Individuals who prefer making decisions objectively seek clarity and have a sincere need to evaluate and improve. They make decisions based on logic and impersonal facts.
Individuals who prefer making decisions subjectively seek harmony and need to know that others care how they feel. They make decisions based on values and personal impact.
These Jungian Mental Mechanisms can be thought of as the building blocks for the four fundamental Personality Styles.

Personality Academy using everyday language to describe the mental mechanisms and personality styles

The terms Mover, Connector, Thinker, and Planner are used with permission from Personality Lingo

PA Mover Personality Style

PA Connector personality style icon

PA Thinker personality style icon

Planner personality style icon
+ Spontaneous
= Mover
+ Subjective
= Connector
+ Objective
= Thinker
+ Planned
= Planner
By understanding these four simple formulas you can unlock powerful insights into human behavior!