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Personality Lingo

In 2001, Mary Miscisin published the book Showing Our True Colors, helping Don Lowry reach a larger audience and contributing her findings for how to apply personality concepts to improving communication and reducing stress. Mary and Don worked closely together for several years and remain close friends. They share a passion and enthusiasm for providing personality education as interactive entertainment.
In time, it became evident that there was a need for a new modern system that uses everyday language to help individuals comprehend and discuss the way they see the world and how they interact with others.
In 2014, Mary Miscisin, M.S. and Ed Redard, M.D. founded Personality Lingo.
Comprehension Test

If we replace the letter codes from the Keirsey passage we read before with the Personality Lingo terms for the personality styles, this paragraph becomes much easier to comprehend and discuss.  

The purposes of Movers, Planners, and Thinkers are understood by Movers, Planners, and Thinkers alike, although they may not embrace them. The Thinker can understand the Mover’s desire to be free of responsibility just as he can understand the Planner’s satisfaction in its possession. So can the Mover see the Thinker’s desire to store up capabilities and the Planner’s desire to store up commodities. He would be the last to look a gift horse in the mouth, for that matter, since these stores tend to be given out to those who need them. The Planner even admires the Thinker for his technical storehouse and envies the Mover for his generous and receiving nature. But here the mutual understanding of purposes ends. None of these understand the aim of the Connector, and in turn, the Connector cannot really grasp the others’ commitment to what seems to the Connector to be false goals. For the Connector pursues a strange end, a self-reflective end which defies itself: becoming… (The Connectors) purpose in life is to have a purpose in life. How can one achieve a goal when that goal is to have a goal?
David Keirsey
Please Understand Me
“SP” replaced with “Mover”
“NF” replaced with “Connector”
“NT” replaced with “Thinker”
“SJ” replaced with “Planner”
Personality Lingo’s modern terms used to describe the personality styles make the insights of Keirsey’s Temperaments more accessible to everyone.
The observations of Jung, Myers-Briggs, Lowry, Miscisin, and Keirsey offer undeniably useful insights into human behavior.