Work Styles Slides by Personality Academy

Work Styles slides by Personality Academy

These Work Styles slides explore potential roadblocks and pathways to joy for each of the personality styles in relation to finding career satisfaction.

The slide deck also comes with one slide for discussing the observable differences between Extraverts and Introverts. Each of the four personality styles may be either extraverted or introverted. Extraverts show their top style outwardly. Introverts may keep their top style on the inside and show their 2nd style externally. 

These Work Styles slides also come with one slide with prompting questions for a dominant style group discussion.
When presenting with these Work Style slides, I highly recommend you follow the Personality Lingo 3-Step Personality Identification Method which includes a Pre-Sort to capture first impressions, a Storytelling Sort to depict the styles in context, and a Social Sort to dialogue and compare with a group of ones peers.
For formal facilitation instructions, get yourself a copy of the Personality Lingo Personality Test Mini Kit
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Work Styles Slides

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